Given its capabilities, the TriSquare does not intuitively or even explicitly lend itself to “public” type communications, although that is well within the capabilities of the radio.

I wonder if anyone here has ever thought about floating a suggestion to users wishing to contact other TriSquare owners to label 0 as a “Public” channel? Or even codes 0-4 as “Public” 1-5?

That’s what I will be doing when I receive mine, and monitor them frequently to try to meet new people, while maintaining my privacy on other codes.

I call on other TriSquare users to implement this practice as a way to make the brand more versatile to more users, as well as to bring the brand more into the mainstream.

I see no reason a radio such as this cannot appeal to serious users, casual hobbyists and “social” users alike.

Maybe TriSquare could even include this “Suggestion” in their literature and/or user’s manual.

Anyone else think this is feasible? I would appreciate any input the other users would care to give.

Just a thought.

Thanks in advance.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea, I suppose.

The selling point on eXRS is privacy. Nonetheless, a “general BS” channel could be okay.

Thanks for your input.

Just got mine today, and am evaluating them. I have been monitoring “0”, but thus far, no activity. I didn’t think there would be, but if I hear anything I will respond. Could be fun.

In a few days, I will submit my own review in the product review forum, but first impression is good. :slight_smile:

i tried a while back to great a public channel on Frs. radios one channel where everyone can be on the share anything they want from traffic, emergencies but the idea i found out no one cared. i think its a good idea and there should be public channels where everyone can talk on.

even tho there is a limit on how many miles the radios go. i think if there were channels that everyone new about that were “public” would be a cool experiment and since thousands of people use these radios. i think allot of them would like the idea of talking to people one a public channel.

If you are going to Hamvention, we could give 'em a try
:slight_smile: I’ll be there Friday.