TriSquare TSX Motorcycle Usage

I am planning a motorcycle trip with two other guys to Baja, Mexico in October and am wondering if the TSX radios are compatible with any helmet speaker/mike setups (such as the Midland). I am looking for a range of at least 2 miles and am intrigued that the TriSquare radios don’t require a license and that the 900Hz frequency may be legal in Mexico as opposed to the GRMS/FRS frequency bands.

The TriSquare radios use a Motorola Talkabout connector, so they are compatible with any accessories made for recent Motorola FRS/GMRS radios. The bad news is that I am not aware of any lower cost motorcycle headsets, like the Midland’s, that support this connector. There are some (very expensive) motorcycle communications systems, Autocom for instance, that support these connectors but that may be outside your budget.

In his recent TriSquare review, jwilkers found the TSX300’s had an approximate range of 1/2 mile vehicle to vehicle. With motorcycles, what you may get closer to the vehicle-to-person range of 1.25 miles.