T6530 Talkabout problem

We bought a pair of T6530 Talkabouts for our daughter for Christmas. From the time she opened them they have only worked with the headset. Without the headset radio “A” will transmit to radio “B” clearly, however it will not receive from radio “B”. It only receives a very loud squelch when radio “B” presses the PTT. Radio “A” puts out the same loud squelch when it is first turned on as well. I’ve always thought some setting was not set properly and now we want to use them on vacation, and I’m trying to figure it out. They work great with the headset plugged in. No squelch. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately I do not know of a setting that would cause what you are describing. It sounds as if you may have a defect with the speaker on one of the radios, especially if it works with a headset. The good news is that if you just bought them at Christmas you are still within your warranty period. I would suggest calling Motorola and sending them in for repair. You can call Motorola at 1-866-BUY-MOTO.