Stereo headphones for 2 way radios

I am looking for a dependable two-way radio system that will accommodate
stereo earpieces. Just like listening to a walkman. They are for skydiving
students so that someone on the ground can communicate with them while they are under parachute. I don’t need any kind of microphone. All they need to do is listen to instruction. Please let me know if you have anything that
will suit my needs.

It sounds like the ideal radios for your situation would be the Motorola XTN XV2100 or the XV1100 radios, depending on the amount of range that you will need. All of the Motorola business radios that we carry have a standard headset port that will allow you to connect any standard headset/earpiece, such as those that are included with a Walkman or an iPod. We also have a large selection of earpieces available on our Motorola XTN accessories page, including a listen-only earpiece.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.