So lost on range.

My office is looking to purchase a couple of radios so that our secretary can communicate with our warehousemen when they are out in our equipment yard. Our building is about 60 years old and is built out of concrete (floors, walls and ceilings) with the two users being on separate ends of the buildings. Distance would be less than 300 feet but directly through the building. We have tried the cheaper radios you can purchase at Radio Shack or Wal-Mart with no luck. I do not want to invest in more radios that will not work for us but am confused by the power ratings and what type of handhelds we would need to purchase. Sorry for the long post but any help in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Sounds like a business radio may be more ideal for your situation. They typically have more power and better antenna’s, as well as the durability to hold up to daily use. A radio like the Motorola RDU2020 would likely work for your situation.

In the unlikely event that this model had trouble penetrating your concrete, you may have better luck with a radio that uses 900Mhz frequencies like the Motorola DTR410 or the TriSquare TSX300. Even though these radios are less powerful, 900Mhz signals penetrate concrete better than UHF signals in standard radios.