Radios for Survival

Hi guys, I’m kind of a radio/antenna buff… and I’m looking for some radios that can be used for my survival kit. I need somthing that can get good range, however I live in tennessee with lots of hills and trees, so it needs to be somthing I can modify the antenna on (legally), and I would like the antenna to be somthing rather small (the smaller the better). I’ve seen 900mhz 2 way radios around, but lots of people dis them, saying thier range is ****** and interference is high.

Obvioulsy I cant use GMRS since you cant legally modify the antennas, and somthing like a CB radio requires an antenna thats much to big to build somthing like a Yagi and carry… I don’t know, I’m hoping someone here can give me some good ideas, I would REALLY appriciate it…thanks :slight_smile: