Radios For Paintball...

Hey all - Nice forum you have here.

I am a member of a new Paintball Team and we are looking to buy a few 2-ways for scenario games. But with all the models out there… it’s a tough decision.

SO, I found this forum and see that there are a lot of experienced users/reviews.

Does anyone have any reccomendations as to a good set of 2-ways that could be used for paintball?

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at the following threads, they should give you a great idea of what will work well in your situation:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Ummm… yeah… the “Search Function”… Funny how something SO SIMPLE gets overlooked so often. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the Links Danny.

So T9550XLR it is then… I had just saw so many reviews of people saying the audio wasn’t good. (Went and read jwilkers’ review on the 9500 series - and was convinced the other reviewers may have been “expecting too much”)

I did have one other question though… (in regards to the XLT throat mics from the firt linked post). I have a rather large neck - hence the nickname. (19 and 1/2 inches) - What is the size restriction on these? or, is there a strap vs plastic collar available for them?

I do have one other question, but I will ask that in a pm.

The Motorola T9550XLR is a good choice, and you’re right about the reviews. It is not a bad radio, but it is easy to see how it can get bad reviews with Motorola claiming a 25 mile range. That simply isn’t going to be remotely possible for more than 99% of people using it.

As far as the throat mic, the only style we have available is the plastic collar type shown in the picture from the previous post. The throat mic itself is 12 inches, but neck size doesn’t seem to affect functionality. We’ve sold hundreds of these now and I haven’t heard one complaint that it didn’t work due to neck size.