Radio questions for delivery service


I currently work with a delivery service looking to upgrade their radios. Small city of about 15 miles by 15 miles.

Currently using Kenwood TK-360 UHF FM tranceivers and Motorola P100’s run through a repeater from a local company that is charging $350/month. They want $480 for new Motorola P100’s w/ charger to upgrade our Kenwoods as they are getting in rough shape.

Something tells me this is steep pricing. And we could be doing it a lot cheaper.

I have a couple questions (and am sure I’ll have a couple more when I get some answers). Will any 2 way programmable radio work with the repeater we are using if we know the frequency and program it into the radio? Would it work with something like the newer Cobra 2 way radios that are about $30? Or TriSquare TSX-300 eXRS

How expensive of a repeater would you need to purchase to work in a 30 mile radius? I don’t even know what a repeater is, so if someone has a good link to an information guide about them I’d appreciate it.

Thankyou for any help

At $350/month, you would definitely save money in the long run by getting your own repeater, but setup is a pain. It may take two or three repeaters to get the coverage that you need, and you would need to secure land and towers in a central location in your area to install them.

As far as the radios, we can definitely save you some money there. We carry 4 watt UHF radios that would work with your repeater. We have several radios that would work for you: a low-cost BlackBox UHF @ $169, or higher end models like the Kenwood TK-3202 @ $224 or the newly released Motorola RDU4100 @ $275. If you don’t know your frequencies, you could send us one of your TK-360’s and we could pull the frequencies from it for you.

Thanks for the info on the radios. I have forwarded it along.

I have been doing some reading on repeaters, so my questions are much less.

How do you determine the distance of a repeater(transceiver?) based on its watt output?

(The city here is on flat land with very few buildings taller than 20 stories.)

What is the difficulty in setting up a repeater?

How hard is it to maintain? Or once it is setup it is done?

Do the radios need ‘servicing’ often?

Depending on where you could put a repeater a 45 watt repeater in the right location should cover the area you need if you use 45 watt mobiles.

You would probably want to place the repeater on one of the few tall buildings who will no doubt wish to charge you a site rental. Building managers are very aware of their roofs desirability for RF. Best get a quote from a company who will design and install the system for you. Don’t forget too the commercal license for the repeater which could be eye watering. :eek: