Radio help

So I’m not to keen on radios. So I have a question! Is there a receiver that can listen and respond to multiply Frequency’s. For example I have 12 trucks that all use different frequency’s and 12 people that are gathering data from each truck im trying to make it where i can cut it to where i have 4 people “3 trucks per person” and not have 12 radios in front of them and listen/ respond all 3 trucks at once… I have done some reading and have yet to find out any info so anything will be useful thanks !

Most of the big manufacturers make dispatch controllers that let you do this kind of thing - but it sounds like your radios are programmed a bit randomly. I think you mean they are not trunked, but using discrete pairs of frequencies? If you don’t fancy software, then you can build hardwired controllers to allow your people to select groups of channels.

In hardware terms it’s not too hard to produce selector panels, but you use the term receiver which is confusing? You have lots of just receivers??? Or do you mean lots of transceivers, or head units dealing with maybe line level ins and outs to remote repeaters? What exactly are you using - and how is your system set out and managed? We need more details.

Yes, we need LOTS more information. Are you talking about gathering data from some kind of transmitters or are you talking about two-way radios in those trucks? These are two completely different areas.

As this is a two-way radio forum, it is not likely we can help with some kind of data transmission devices.

If you are talking about the two-way radios in the trucks, then it would help if you could give us the list of frequencies they are using and the make and model of the various radios. We would also need to know if these are licenced business frequencies you are using (the frequencies will be on your licence, depending on what country you are in) or unlicenced public PMR/FRS/GMRS/MURS frequencies.

Unfortunately, asking a question like this without enough information is like asking what size bolt goes into your trucks.

Thanks for you responses.Let me see if i can clear it up a little ! I’m not to smart with tech ! So we have trucks that all have radios already in them and are programmed. But the problem i’m having is when the trucks are using there radios to call in it gets rather loud in our control room. We have about 3 people using 3 radios each and each radio is on a certain channel for example one radios is setup for zone 1 and another for zone 2 all the way to about zone 8.Its vital for us to get the right information but there’s so much noise at one time we miss some information. So I wanted to try to get headsets for the radios but we only have 2 ears. So i was wondering is there something that can connect to multiple channels and you can listen/ respond with a headset or anything? Again sorry if im not explaining well enough!

You just need some custom controllers - I don’t know of any off the shelf ones as everyone needs something different, but the features are pretty common. The mode of operation is usually like this. A row of receiver buttons. Each one lights when receiving something oil its channel. They are usually capable of being multiples - so pressing 1, 2 and 3, routes the audio from all three to the headset. A corresponding row of buttons under these control the transmitters. Sometimes pressing them sends the headset mic out on that channel immediately. Other designs need the operator to select it, and then it might flash, and they have a foot pedal that puts it into transmit when the flashing light becomes steady. A skilled operator can then talk to single or multiple groups at the same time or sequentially. Two or more of these panels can be daisy chained so multiple controllers all have access to the same sources and destinations. In busy control rooms there will also be master panels where supervisions can monitor the traffic and butt in if they have to.

The electronics isn’t that hard, and consists of simple logic, and audio buffers that get the audio levels all up to the same voltage, with audio busses and the indicators. Something a small electronics company could build - at a cost. This will sound either simple, or Indonesian, depending on your electronics level. I’ve not seen anything off-the-shelf I’m afraid.