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I realize the answer to my request for help may be contained in the threads and reviews, but I need to quickly buy a pair of radios for an upcoming vacation in two cars and need the abridged version. I have just enough time to order the radio and receive it before the vacation, so here’s what I need: I need the best range available in a pair of handheld radios. I see ranges advertised of up to 35 miles or so but then I also see a lot of talk about how these are exaggerated or cannot be attained in normal environments. Then I see talk about wattage and how the max is 5 watts and I think this is related to the range, but I’m not sure. I see very expensive radios ($250+) that are UHF or VHF, and top of the line GMRS for less than half that amount. I am coming to this forum with a very limited knowledge of radio and I’m limited in the amount of time I have to research. Money is not an object within reason, I mean, I would buy the $250-$300 set if that is really what I needed. I am also interested in getting the best range so that I can also use the radios to communicate while hunting, skiing, camping etc. Thanks in advance for your help.

It sounds like you just need a basic GMRS radio. Some of the best range we have seen lately (though seldom more than 2 miles) has been from these:


Thank you so much for the recommendation. I purchased the unit you recommended and I think I will be very happy with it.

Let us know if you have any questions.

I had a top of line consumer radio and am not happy with it. I hear business radio won’t perform much better, but I will pay more for quality. Thus
But the business radios don’t allow channel changing in the field.

I’m curious as to what you did not like about your consumer radio. Did you like the Icom?

Many find consumer radios to not be as tough as they would like, the batteries do not last as long, and the transmission quality is not as good. A commercial radio is made to be used for 10 hours or more a day for years with no problem. You do get what you pay for in radios often. Most people are happy with a less expensive consumer radio since they only use it on the weekend for a few hours, and on the occasional vacation. Those that need a radio to use every day want something more consistent and durable.

Think of it like buying a truck. Do you need a pickup truck to haul some lumber for weekend projects and the occasional couch, or a commercial truck to haul gravel every day? :slight_smile: