PTT headset for Talkabout (bluetooth use)

Have a pair of Talkabout MJ430 (similar to MJ270R). Would like to use one with Bluetooth connection to a motorcycle helmet.
Bluetooth intercom yet to be determined but Scala Q2 likely candidate.

Is there an cable/interface for use with a TalkSafe module? Are there any other Bluetooth dongles available for these xcvrs?
Which headsets are compatible with these xcvrs?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


I asked around in here at the shop, and no one knows of a Bluetooth dongle being made for Talkabout radios. Perhaps someone here on the forum knows of one that will work.

Thanks Jeff. I’ll wait for others input.

Is there a compatible PPT headset? I could wire it to a dongle
and make it work.

This is a link to how to modify a Jabra A210 dongle for PTT on two-way radios…