Protective case for TriSquare radios

Anyone found a protective case for the TriSquare radios? I’m looking for a leather-style cover that can stay on the radio and the radio can be used while the cover is on it. Protects the radio from droppage!

Most of the FRS style covers are too small or don’t have holes in the right places.

Help! :slight_smile:

Nothing? I can’t believe that there’s truely no cases for these radios!

you can call me at 800-584-1445 ext. 226 to order.

i would just suggest a universal radio holder just like police or security use. you can get them at amazon or

Thanks, Anthony. I’ve tried that style of case. It doesn’t offer enough protection for the radio.

It’s shocking that TriSquare still hasn’t any cases for these radios after all these years!