Programming Baofeng UV-5R

Is CHIRP required to program the UV-5R, or is there other (non-CHIRP) software available?

On a second note, I’ve ordered the appropriate programming cable for my radio, but I’d like to be able to program it via the keypad. The instructions in the poor excuse for a user manual are very vague in this matter. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

73 an’ all that…


Thank you, kind sir! Now, can you tell me how to determine which firmware version is in my UV-5R?

Again, thanks.

You need to download from the radio with CHIRP. Then there is a window (one of the options or advanced options) That will show you the firmware revision.

All firmware revisions since last year cannot be seen accurately on screen with the power on trick.

The best programming software is made by RT Systems.

However, keep in mind you need their cable to use their software.


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