Problem with writing to Hytera BD502i

I have 5 hytera radios which refuse to be programmed.

Recently I purchased a programming cable from a dealer which came with a usb stick that had programming software on it and 3 firmware updates. The first firmware update worked well, the other two did not, I got a “RCDB FILE CAN’T BE READ” error.

The worst part is that every time I turn on hytera unified CPS it allows me to read the radio but when I attempt to write to it the software comes back with a mismatch error and/or tells me I need up upgrade some file…

I also noticed that my hytera model, BD502U1F isn’t present in the directory of the CPS.

The dealer doesn’t have any other firmware aside from the firmware he sent me already. Is there a no - unified, dedicated version of CPS for BD502I?
What am I doing wrong and what can I do to get it to work?

I’d like to flash it back to its original state somehow but I have no idea how to do it.

Please get back to me if you can help just please note that it would NOT be helpful to suggest I contact Hytera, use Google, visit a local dealer, go on ebay, etc. I have a job to do and need these radios to do it, unfortunately, I’m getting a ton of interference on both enabled channels so I’m hoping that there’s someone here who knows what he or she is talking about.

Thank you!

Take care and be well.

Whoa! Not a single person can suggest what to do? This is amazing, I finally stumped the forum!

I’m not so sure you stumped anyone, just painted them into a corner.

Please get back to me if you can help just please note that it would NOT be helpful to suggest I contact Hytera, use Google, visit a local dealer, go on ebay, etc.

Here’s the thing, and I’m not being critical, just honest. There are a seemingly endless number of makes and models of radios out there, and it’s just not realistic for a majority or even a few of the forum members to be up to speed on every single one of them. In the case of the radio you mentioned, maybe there is someone here who is knowledgeable enough about it to render some assistance, but they may not be actively monitoring the forum 24/7, or only check in at their leisure, so it may be awhile before you receive a response. It’s not that no one can or will respond to your query. It’s just the way a forum works - any forum.

You’re asking for free help from rank and file users for an issue that is clearly the responsibility of the tech support department for the manufacturer or the dealer that provided the hardware, firmware and software to you. Hence, they would be the first responders to your issue, not third parties. This is important for two reasons. First we didn’t provide the radios, firmware or software, the dealer did. Who is the dealer? We don’t know, you didn’t tell us, so we have no way of knowing if it was an authorized Hytera dealer or someone on eBay, which presents its own set of challenges.
Second, you also stated this:

I have a job to do and need these radios to do it,…

If these are new radios, they usually come with a warranty and support from the manufacturer, in this case Hytera. If there is a problem with them right off the bat, it is likely they would know of the issue and could provide a fix. Wouldn’t that be more expedient, especially if time is of the essence? I would think it would be faster than waiting around for help from third parties in a public forum.

Third, let’s say that someone in the forum offered a solution, but that solution didn’t work and actually made it worse. If the radios are new and under warranty, that will likely void it. So who would be liable for that?

Lastly, you closed your post with this:

so I’m hoping that there’s someone here who knows what he or she is talking about.

That’s quite a condescending remark from someone who is asking for free help, so don’t be too surprised if no one responds to that right away.

The bottom line is, if you need help or advice in any public arena, these three rules are important to follow:

  1. Provide as much information and detail as possible. The more we know, the more we can help.
  2. Don’t tie the respondents hands behind their backs, so to speak. It limits the ability to respond.
  3. You’re asking for free help from volunteers, so be respectful, accept the responses as given, and thank them for their assistance, because they are trying to help you.
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Whoa! I’m not even sure whether yoh have too much time on your hands or the issue is purely psychological but neither my original post nor the follow-up warranted such an angry, lengthy rant, filled with attempts to shame me for… Expressing my frustration in a polite way? Also for not knowing what I don’t know and/or for not asking you, personally, for help the way you want/feel you somehow deserve to be asked… What’s even more amazing still is that you spent God knows how many hours typing up this insanity and not one sentence contains any useful information or relates to my original inquiry in any way. All you did was reinforce my original opinion of this forum: it’s completely and utterly useless because it seems to be filled with angry, rude individuals who traded knowledge for mighty high opinions of themselves and helpfulness and empathy for sarcasm.

Anyway… This is the internet, don’t take it so seriously or you’ll go crazy. Oh, also, thanks for nothing.

All the best!

I think you completely misunderstood the tone of my post. I am not angry, neither is it an attempt to shame anyone. If anything, it was written as a facts only, non-emotional response, because there was no emotion behind it. So I am somewhat confused as to why you would be so upset. I only bolded some of your words in the quotes to note that those were the comments to which I was responding.

You came across as wanting help, but did not provide enough information for us to help you. Also, you immediately took a defensive position before you even “read the room” to find out how anyone would respond.

Of course we are willing to help where we can, and I think my response was even handed. If you took that the wrong way, I apologize for the misinterpretation.

As the administrator of this forum, it is my responsibility to make sure that everyone is treated with respect, and I meant no disrespect to you. I merely explained why you may not have received an immediate response to your request for assistance and how you may be able to get the answer you need. If this is an issue, perhaps we can resolve it via private message.

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