Pipe dream?

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for 4 radios for all around use for family and work. Here are the scenarios: rolling fields approx.200yrds.
2-3 miles open water/marsh.
1.5-2 miles in a woods/campground setting
4 story commercial building, roof to basement maintenance.

I know this is asking a lot. Any suggestions on a “closest fit” with a budget of about $50.-$60. per unit.? Thanks in advance. Jack.

I think the 1.5 to 2 miles in woods is going to be the toughest scenario for you. Maybe the rolling fields as well, depending on how hilly the terrain is. I think your best bet would be either the Cobra LI7200 or the soon-to-be-released Midland GXT900VP4. These models have the most power for a lower cost radio.

any 18 mile radios that you get at target that uses the family talk / motorola talk-about frequecnys. you can get 3 for 59.00 w/charger

it will work for everything ecept im not sure about the work environment.

actually the cobra cxr900 may be better than the li7200. the 7200 is the 2008 version. the cxr900 is the 2009 version with same great battery but a little more power.