Olympia p324

Quick question for small problem. I have 6 motorola cp200’s we use at the construction company i work for and we are looking to add several more cheaper radios. I have one olympia p324 and have it programmed to match our frequency with a cdcss code of 074 and when i trasmit from olmpia sometimes all the motorolas get is a sqeel and other times it works fine? Any ideas??? or is it a defective radio.

By any chance did you connect a non-Olympia compatible handmike into the radio? I had the same problem with an alledgedly “new” radio out of the box. If I transmitted, the radio was getting into everything from the computer to the microwave oven. The spectrum analyzer showed this radio washed eveything but the clothes.

I returned the defective radio. Took nearly 2 months to get the refund.

Just out of curiosity, how long ago did you purchase this radio?


Purchased radio less than two months ago I think i found the problem. We were in rather close proximity and was using the 4 watt high power setting and it was overpowering the motorolas. Dropped it to 2 watts and works fine :slight_smile: ordered 2 more olympia p324 pretty happy with their performance so wanted to try 2 more on high power setting with the original going to faze out the over priced batwings with terrible battery life. It would cost me more money to replace the 6 motorla batteries than to buy 10 brand new olympias. Go figure.