Olympia p324 program software wants log in info?

If any one could help it would be greatly appreciated.
Programing software wants user ID
And password, I have tryed everything
Uninstalled and reinstalled a few times
With same login window popping up.
I hold gmrs license we have company
License for these radios, HELP!

Where did you purchase the Olympia Programming Kit from? They should be able to help you. It comes with a USB cable and software, and somewhere on the package should be the log-in info. If not, contact the seller.

Hi, the default username is: admin
password: 123456

thanks! now i have USB issues! ill figure this one out I’m not in a rush on this one.

thanks! i figured it out now having the usb issues thanks.

I had to figure it out also, but got it. Problem is not having a message saying “handshake” issues and cannot connect. Checked all ports and all was ok. Have the correct programming cable. reports say that it works with all versions of Windows but not Windows 7. I have the XP version so it should work fine, but nothing. Any ideas?