Newbie from wa


I’m a new 2 way radio owner, I am pursuing my license next week.

I came her originally to find out if I can listen to my radio w/o breaking FCC rules or any laws. I still haven’t found out yet. Please help

I may stay for the wealth of community. I look forward to learning w/ you folks.

Hi, welcome to the forums!

There is no license needed to listen only.

Whether or not you need a license to transmit depends on the type of radio you are using and the radio service.

If it is an FRS/GMRS radio you only need a license to transmit on the GMRS frequencies or the shared FRS/GMRS frequencies above 500 mW (.5 Watt).

A MURS radio does not require application for a license either. A business or amateur radio does require a license to transmit.

You didn’t mention the specific radio or license, hence the clarification.

welcome to the forum.