never even used one, need purchase advice!


(A couple of) our children are getting old enough to stray from the pack, and we are looking to buy 4 radios for our family…we will use them at ski resorts, amusement parks and campgrounds.

I do not mind paying FCC fees if that is what makes sense.

I am willing to spend what it takes, but don’t want to throw money at useless features or overkill.

Please, please please offer me some sound advice!

(preferably in the form of brand and model # :wink: )

hello cheap bubble packs will do the job not great with distance but up to a mile ya ok frs, or if you in uk pmr, no licence needed , as far as i know all the bubble packs do the same job really so the more simple the better, i dont think there is a big difference between range as they use 500mw , but they will try sell you the features and there is better than this and that rubbish,

Like speedypetey said, follow his link to the TriSquare TSX300 review. Upside: all communications are private. At around $100 or less per pair, you will have a fine set of radios that will do all those things without having to contend with other users on the same channels. I have a set of them and have yet to find a fault with them.

Please post back and let us know what you get and how they work. :slight_smile: