Need suggestion for best two way radio

Hello from Norway!

I would like a suggestion for the best Two way radio for my use.

Me and a friend will be using these radios while driving in our cars, and we want the radios to have a long range and clear sound.

I have seen the Motorola FV300, and this seems really good, but i’m quite sceptic, because the price is so low.

Can you suggest a radio with at least 7 miles range (The FV300 seems to have a 10 mile range, and i would actually have longer range than that)
I would like the price to be under 75 $ shipped to Norway.

Would these radios work in Norway? The radio signals is right etc?

How long range can these radios have? While using in a urban enviroment, can i expect very long range? How long?
Im really a noob, and i don’t know anything about this.

No one? seriously?

Please recommend me a good radio under 75 $ :slight_smile: OR less! :slight_smile:

Can’t really recommend a radio as I do not know what radio frequencies are available for use in Norway. However, keep in mind that the radio mentioned, as well as other frs/gmrs radios have very exaggerated distance claims. They may actually work for the distance claimed if they are line-of-site, say mountain top to mountain top with absolutely no obstructions. This is not the case in normal every day use. You are more likely to get 1/2 mi to 1 mi distance out of them. Keep in mind that even the commercial grade radios with higher wattage will give you only 1-2 mile range due to line-of-sight limits. If you are curious as to the performance of different radios- go to and look at the reviews for radio(s) that you may be interested in…good luck!

Did a little internet research- it looks as though the license-free frequencies are PMR. These radios are limited to 1/2 watt. I would suggest if you use these radios- get one that has a removable antenna and connect a mobile antenna to it. This is one advantage that is not available with the bubble pack frs/gmrs in the US and should give you better range, but again…not likely to get 7 miles out of it.

Hi Mathiashogevold,

You will be hard pressed to find any FRS/GMRS radio that will give you more than a mile or two in an an urban environment. I am not familiar with the terrain in Norway but even in an open area you will not get close to the range you want unless you are on top of a mountain or using a repeater.

As Jimbr1 mentioned, the manufacturers tend to state range based on the maximum possible under the most optimal conditions, such as from a high elevation point to point. If you are in a city surrounded by tall buildings, don’t expect more than 1/4 mile.

The Motorola FV300 is a very low-powered radio so chances are you probably won’t even get that range in the middle of town. FRS is limited to 1/2 watt, so if you are going with a consumer radio, your best bet is to purchase a GMRS radio with 5 watts, which is the maximum.

If you purchase a GMRS radio that is repeater capable and you have repeaters in your city, you may be able to increase your range considerably.

For more information, check out The Two Way Radio Show Episode 1 - An Introduction to Consumer Radios and Episode 5 - Radios in Range.