Need help dont know what im looking for

Hi there i work for a holiday camp company looking after children all day, and due to child protection ect we are not allowed are phones on us only the 1 camp phone that is at reception so wee need to get some walkie talkies so that the 3 main camp leaders can stay in contact incase of emergencies but i have no idea on what im looking at and what we need and a cheap price as we dont really have the budget for these i do how ever know that we need them to reach a minimum of 1 mile coverage ive been looking at ebay and amazon but i dont what what to trust. i would really appreciate if anyone would mind helping us out in the right direction

Your company will first need a business license to legally use radios. Then, you will likely need at least one base station with an antenna mounted fairly high in the air. All your people in the camp then can use a handheld radio to communicate with the base. The distance you require can only be achieved with the higher antennas of a base station. VHF is best suited for the band type.

Good advice given if you still visit the site. Really good advice.

I second jwilkers.