Need Help Deciding Between Radios

I’m looking for the most powerful radio out of these 2 to buy. Thanks for your time and help.
Midland GXT-800-VP4

The most powerful would be the Midland GXT800. You may want to read through jwilkers’ T9500XLR and GXT850VP4 reviews to get some more detail. The GXT850VP4 is the same as the GXT800VP4, except for the color and a few extra call alerts.


Ok, I’m fianlly ready to buy these radios now that I have a need for them now. When I made this thread I reliazed I didn’t need them that bad. Is the Midland still my best bet? Right now I got 2 GXT 500 midlands and they are a bit on the cheap side. I was using my friends Moto and I love the layout and audio on his radio. And being that Moto makes all of the big radios such as the Sabers and other radios, I’d think the Motos are better then the Midlands. Any input?

Don’t kid yourself. The only similarity between a commercial Motorola and a “bubble pack” radio is the name.

Through this link, you can determine the real POWER (ERP) of most radio’s which have a FCC licence. Please, I beg you, DO NOT believe the ridiculous claims that branches such as Midland are screaming out loud. The real POWER is the Power transmitted through the antenna. It is not the power activated in the transistor. The claims related to range are ludicrous.Yes, maybe from mountain top to mountain top in perfect circumstances…. But in real life these radio’s all have a range of max. 2 Miles and in a city even less. Ultimately, the POWER is not the most important factor in theis process. It’s the ANTENNA and it’s the HEIGHT from where an individual is transmitting. Personally, I’ am using the GXT600 from Midland, here in Belgium, Europe. I have been testing them for over a year. I never got over the distance of 2 Miles. In city districts or small villages it’s more like 0,5 to 1 Mile. Of course, batteries fully loaded and radio in front of the face. When you use a surveillance kit, the radio is on a belt clip next to your body and this has a relevant impact on range.
Thanks and kind greeting from Belgium, Europe.