Need advice on Two Way Radio

My sister just got pregnant, she lives 0.3kms away from where I live, we’ve always been really close. Now that she’s pregnant I want to make sure that I’m there all the time if she needs something (of course her husband’s going to be around, but I just want to be easily accessible whenever she needs me). Anyone have any good suggestions as to what to get?

I’ve done some research but it’s my first time buying this and I don’t want to make any mistakes. Here are some options I’ve thought about

TriSquare TSX300-2VP Two Way Radio Value Pack
Motorola CLS1110 Two Way Radio
Cobra LI-7200-2WXVP Two Way Radios

Any feedback or recommendations to other systems that I should get is greatly appreciated. What I need is something that will not have bad frequencies if the weather is really bad, nor will it be polluted with other people using the frequencies. you know, basically a system that will ensure precision when needed. Thank you all for who’s given some thoughts about this to help me out. My budget is $200-250.

Where do you live? You mentioned distance in km, so I assume you are not in the US. If so, it is possible one or more of your options is not possible, due to regulations and laws. The TriSquare units are only legal in the US. The FRS/GMRS units are only legal in the USA and Canada.