Need advice on simple notification system

Basically I have a two man team doing inspections on homes and am looking for a way that the first man can send a notification of some type to the second man, be it a vibration or noise/beep, or led light notification when that a computer has received a file from the second man.

Each person is going to have some type of two-way radio on them, the specific type is yet to be determined, and that is why I am came here to seek advice.

The two men don’t want to talk to each other over the two radio because it would end up all day long the first man saying the word, “good”, to the second man. So I am looking for another way of doing this. All that needs to be communicated from the first man to the second man is basically a notification of “good” so that the second man will know he is “good” so he can continue to the next task. If the second guy is not “good” the first guy will talk to him through a two way radio telling him to perform the task again.

Cell phones are not an option, and honestly I am not “stuck” on the notification system of “good” being through a two way radio either. In the end I am just looking for the simplest and cheapest way that one person can repetitively send some type notification of “good”. Does any consumer level two way radios offer any type of unspoken notification system that is not overly iterating?.

Edit: I did find these can anybody suggest something different, or a feature on some type of two way radio, a friend at work said he had cheap toy walkie-talkies, probably from wal-mart, that as a kid that had a morse code feature where that you hit a button on one and a short beep was heard on the other one. Is there any feature like this on decent two way radios in the roughly $50-$60 dollar range?

Edit: I did find these, can anybody suggest anything different or perhaps something on a two radio that can duplicate this?

Other things to note is that the two men will always be inside of homes with their own private wifi signal that only the two men are on, so if that can be of any use that would be great.

Each man will be in different rooms with no line of sight and sometimes will be on different floors, so shouting is not an option.

Basically looking for a way for one guy to let the other guy know that they are “good” and to continue on doing what you are doing, but through a notification that is not overly annoying because the second guy will hear or see this notification over 200 times a day.

Finally I would like for this to be cheap, cheap. Any suggestions on any two radios that could help me with this or suggestion on a different product all together.

Also pagers that require a monthly fee are not an option either.

Going so well until you said the danger word “cheap”.

How about a budget digital radio, as they have text facilities. They would seem to fit the bill, and the price isn’t too bad. What budget do you actually have?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: what would be a good example of a digital radio?

As far as things go I am looking at something around the $60 price range for a set of two way radios, as that the workers will always just be in homes that I would guess be about in the 5000 sq. ft range with two to three stories with a basement. The first guy will always be on the first floor and the other guy will move around on floors.

I did find these things

Then a friend told me when he was little they had cheap, probably got from wal-mart toy section, radios that had a button for morse code. Does any what I will call mid-level consumer grade two way radios have something like this? Like I said the guys will be always in a home around the 5000 sq ft. mark.

They look ok, but presumably you’d also need the guys with them to be able to speak from time to time?

The Police, for years, used two prods on the transmit button to signify OK - you hear the phut phut, and have the option of picking it up and saying “sorry - lost the plot, which one next?” or similar. For a simple acknowledgement, without any need for proper messages - clicks work pretty well. Is there any need to make it more complicated? If this is the case, any simple radio system will work, even the cheap ones.

I like what you said, it sounds good and it is simple :slight_smile: