Need Advice On 2-Way Radios For Lake Use

I need a set of 2-way radios for use on open water. Desired range is 10-15 miles, with best-in-class clarity. Please advise on best available models under $200 that suit this criteria. Thanks.

I would recommend the Kenwood TK2200 or the Motorola RDV2020 if you’re looking for maximum range and clarity over open water. Even with these great radios, however, I do not know if you would be able to consistently get 10-15 miles. Even though there are few obstructions over water, the curvature of the Earth causes you to lose line of site at around 7-8 miles.

Thanks for the feedback!

In addition to your suggestions, I am considering the following:

Uniden MHS350 Handheld Marine VHF Radio

Cobra HH 38 WX ST Mini Handheld CB Radio

Midland GXT-750-VP3 w/ GMRS License

Weighing the pros and cons, what’s your opinion of the comparisons, considering a range demand minimum of at least 2-3 miles and optimal clarity?

Thanks for your time.

As much as we would like to sell you the Midland radio or the Cobra CB, I honestly think the best product for you would be the VHF marine radio. I can’t speak to the quality or voice clarity of that specific model, but marine radios are specifically designed for use on water and have some advantages when used in that environment.

For example, they use VHF frequencies which tend to travel farther over land than UHF frequencies. Marine radios are also usually designed to hold up better to water exposure. If you’re using it for boating, you will find compatiblity is a plus as well. You will be able to communicate with others that are also using VHF marine radios. They can also be used license free. One disadvantage is that the FCC only allows usage of VHF marine frequencies on and around a body of water, so it wouldn’t be a good multi-use radio.

Any of the products that you mentioned shouldn’t have a problem getting 2-3 miles over water, but I feel like your best choice is probably a marine radio.