Myria MY9304 (walkietalkie)

The manual is very short and the website doesn’t offer any info.
I kinda like the design and its my 2nd day using it.
it work in close range in the city like 1.5-2km
and sometimes i hear taxis or noises.
how do i listen to taxis or police or anything i want to explore.
I have - and + to change channels. if i hold down - it goes in lock mode and the light blink but i have no ideea what it does.
when i press the + it goes into monitor which always makes very laud noises but never works. what is monitoring supposed to be ? andnhow do i use it? i have 8 channels. 16 total but after 8 none work.

if anyone can help me please i appreciate it

please contact me on

Hi, to answer your questions, we need more information.

First, what country are you in? We are based in the US and have never heard of this model, so I am unfamiliar with it.

Based on your description, it is possible the radio may need to be programmed to the frequencies you are attempting to access. If it isn’t programmed, you won’t be able to monitor them.

If all you want to do is listen, you may want to invest in a scanner instead.