Motorola XU26003 compatible with XU2600

I have two Motorola XU2603 and two XU2600 they don’t seem to be compatible with each other. Is there I way to make the XU2603 to work with the XU2600?

You have to make sure the two radios are in the same frequency range and same chaneel when use it.
Suggest you to ask a distributor to help you check the frequency with his PC Programmer.
Hope this can help.

The Motorola XU26003 is a Canadian Model and is not compatible with the Motorola XU2600 because of different frequencies. You can make the Motorola RDU4100 work with the XU26003. You can learn more about the Motorola RDU4100 by clicking this link.

The frequency ranges seem to overlap.

458.6625 - 469.2625 MHz

461.000 – 470.000 MHz

Anyone have a channel list?