Motorola Questions

Hey folks, just have some questions to ask about the Motorola MCS2000 and XTL5000.


  1. How hard is it to home-make a flash to add functions?

  2. Is there a PA/Siren system for these controllable from the head or control mic?

  3. Is there any way to have these soft power on & off with the ignition?


  1. Is it possible to dual brick these off a single head (eg an R split and S split)?

  2. If so, is it possible with an 03 head? If not, then which head?

  3. If they are dual brickable, on TX do you tx on a single selected radio or both at the same time? Can you receive on both at the same time? Is it hard to select which brick to control on the head/control mic?

Thankyou for your time, I’m asking this as I have an XTL5k 03 R split atm in the car which I don’t use much and an MCS2000 R split which I use a lot (used for CB because the VCO will stretch to 478mhz where the XTL’s VCO will not stretch… spewing) and I’m trying to decide on if I should save up and get an extra XTL brick to bring my gear into the current era (assuming dual bricking is possible) or just jazz up the MCS which has been VERY stable and reliable but now out of date.