Motorola MR355R Charger Transformer Noise

Hi everyone,
New to the forum and Consumer Two Ways, and thanks for the opportunity to join the forum.

I have just bought a pair of MR355R Radios and all work fine, but the Transformer that plugs into the wall socket emits a buzzing sound.

I didn’t really notice it when I first plugged it in last night, but this morning it’s quit load. Have moved it to other sockets etc, and was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar issue. Either with the MR355R or other Radio battery charger transformers?

Thanks in advance
Regards Greg

For those interested.

I actually took the set back as the noise was getting worse. I brought them from Academy here in Houston and they just replaced them.
Turns out the new set is as quiet as.
So info for other. Take them back.

Cheers Greg