Motorola CP110 Issues

We use the Motorola CP110 at work. For the most part they work ok. The biggest problem we have with them is that not all employees use an earpice/mic and when thy try to use the PTT button no one can hear them, but they are able to hear others without the earpiece. Is this a setting that can be changed in the radio, or is this just a problem we are having with the equipment and need to refer to our radio dealer about? Thanks.

Are these users who try to key up the mic doing so while a speaker/mic accessory is plugged in?

Typically the PTT functionality changes once a speaker/mic is plugged in so my thought on these would be to turn off the radio. Remove the accessory and turn it back on to reset the radio and use it normally. Or use the radio as is with the accessory.

If they are not using an accessory and are unable to transmit that would be a problem to discuss with your dealer.

Hope this helps! If you can provide more information I may be able to give you a better answer.