Motorola AV1200 Programming

just got a pair of Motorola AV1200’s from my company and I cant seem to figure out how to change the frequency on these darn things. i know it’s a 2 channel(1&2), but can’t seem to find any documentation online about changing to those private frequency’s…any help will do!!!

Look on the back and give me the “FCC ID” There is a way to look for the manual that way. I do not think these are necessarily dealer programmable only. They are older, discontinued models, which makes looking for tech support tough.

Try here:‘AZ489FT4874’

That is a model similar to yours it may have the same programming steps. Look at all 4 pages of the manual. It is possible the frequencies could be different, but if you have a scanner, you could use it to verify.

Thanks for the link…I was hoping it would work, but no-go ****! Guess there’s a difference in the radio models…

Look for the fcc id and let me know… i can try to look it up with that.

Thanks JWilers…everything works!!!

Excellent! Glad you got 'em working!