Motorola 355R

I posted in product reviews but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this radio. I purchased the mr355 radio because they are advertised as being repeater capable, I’m not sure exactly how this is accomplished. I programmed 2 of the gmrs channels to work in repeater mode, then used both a scanner and programmable radio to see if the units would transmit on the 5mhz split frequency (eg. 462.600 would transmit 467.600) -didn’t happen. They did transmit in simplex mode- same frequency on both transmit and receive…whether in repeater or normal mode. I’m a bit confused?

See my reply in the upcoming review section. You must make sure you have the repeater channel selected, and not the simplex channel. In repeater mode, both show up. The repeater channels follow the typical simplex channels, except they have the “R” icon displayed. Essentially, in repeater mode you now have 30 channels instead of 22.

Thanks for the quick response- never scanned past channel 22-thought each channel could be used only in one mode OR the other- it DOES have the 5mhz split- AWESOME- MANY THANKS…haven’t done any range checks so Iam looking forward to your review

Yep… they are separate channels. That way you can quickly switch from a simplex channel to a repeater channel without having to go into the setup menu. Very well planned and laid out.

The Motorolas will be the FIRST radios I review. Work is in progress. If I’m motiviated I may have it done today… With the interest, I can fast-track, since I’ve studied the features and played with them.