Midland GXT710VP3 22 chan., 26 miles

I am interested in finding out what people think about this Midland model. I want to use it while fishing and boating on small lakes and some rivers. The 800 series seems like too much radio .
Thanks for your opinions.

All I can say is the 26 mile range is a joke. Even over water you will only get a few miles.

If you are going from boat to boat, and NOT boat to land, why not just use marine VH radios. You can get very nice radios for not much money these days.

SP - Thanks for the reply. However, I didn’t make my needs clear. I mostly flyfish and hike along rivers. The terrain is uneven at best. I want to use the radios to keep in contact with my fishing partner. Occasionally, we use our pontoon boats on streams and small lakes.

The Midland GXT710 has the same power and antenna as the popular GXT800VP4, so it’s a great choice if you’re like the 800 but feel like it is too much for your needs. Compared to the GXT800, the GXT710 is primarily missing: group mode, direct call, “waterproof”, and included headsets.

The unfortunate thing is that the GXT710 has been discontinued. It is being replaced with the GXT720VP3, which should be available in around a month.

Thank you for your information.