Midland GXT1000VP4 european adapter

I bought recently Midland GXT1000VP4 from US and it came with charging adapter that works only on 110V. I did not see that so I burned the adapters. I went to the store and bought 220V adapter with same parameters (9V 300mAh) and red diode turned on but radios are not charged at all. The radios are charged perfectly with car cigarette plug. I suspect that something is wrong with adapter parameters. Did somebody had same problem and how did you solve it?
Thanks very much!!

a quick note-

mA is current, ie how much power is something capable of delivering.
mAh is capacity, how much total energy can a battery store.

300mA seems like it might be on the low side…
many wall wart adapters have an input rating and an output rating. If 300mA was the input rating, 300mA at 120v is 36 watts, or 4000mA output at 9v.

You could also just have a bad wall wart… I think you can buy a 220v one from Midland if you call them but I could be wrong.

Lastly, I’ll advise you that operating a GXT1000 outside the USA can be illegal depending on what country you’re in. Much of Europe for example uses PMR446 instead of GMRS frequencies, so you’d want to buy a PMR446 radio instead.

Unfortunately Midland does not have such adapter. So I am stuck with this one.

You are correct, the input is 120v AC and the output is 9V DC 300mA. So, if I buy 220v AC what will be mA?


These radios cannot be legally used in Europe. You will interfere with Public Safety services, and face fines.incarceration.

My country did not fully implemented european standards so that both are illegal. However in that frequency range there is nothing to interfere with so everybody is using GMRS radios.