Midland GXT 5000

I just watched the video on the new Midland GTX 5000,:slight_smile: and am interested in this unit as I use my GTX 1000’s all the time.:smiley: “These radios did come from TWO WAY RADIOS .COM”.
I have installed the charger unit to the GTX 1000’s in my ranger PU, I would need to have the ability to charge at lest 1 GTX 5000 in the same way, I do not see any 12 V DC charging ability on the web site, is there a 12 V DC charging unit in the works, I have found that I am in need sometimes before the end of the work day to recharge one of my GTX 1000’s, and this would be one reason to not get the new GTX 5000.
And yes I am a holder of a GMRS licenses.:wink:

Unfortunately, the GXT5000 can only be charged in the charging base with the AC adapter included with the radio. There is currently no option available to power or charge the radio with a 12V vehicle adapter.

Couldn’t we just use the supplied charging station? Just use a 9.5 dc v (+ center) power lead from a 12v battery to it?
That would give the proper voltage to our unique midland battery.
Thank you … Troy