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Hello here is a link to a topic on
Google An Introduction to Walkie-Talkies | Art of Manliness
Talks about important of 2 way radios
Read it the topic I thought it was interesting.

What a pointless article. It says it has to be kept simple, then starts using words like “Watts” “range” and the different licence categories. It even misses important things. It does nothing to dispel range rumours and doesn’t even mention geography. It even mentions CB in a hand held radio piece with mentioning the huge antennas that make handheld use a pain and impractical. Imagine walking round Disney world with a CB? All with short antennas have very limited range. Portable range depends on the path. Topography, people, foliage and even weather make more difference than going from 4W to 8W.

Whatever the licence type, the physics doesn’t change. Holding the radios up in the air both ends might get you communications, but how would you know when to take the radio out of your coat pocket? Unless it work when stowed, it’s pointless. Or, you could put people in trees on a rota.

The best advice is to be close to people you want to talk to. If you push distance, more user skill and knowledge on the science is needed. That article is poorly written and leaves people with no knowledge no better off. It also picks one radio at random which is very peculiar? Novices don’t want to program radios, that’s for enthusiasts. Users want something really simple that works. Does anything exist for this? I live on a modest hill. If I stood on the roof I could see with binoculars, the chimney on my grandson’s house. With one of my kenwood 5W business radios we can talk from his bedroom on the (UK) 1st floor (US) second floor to my upstairs bedroom. If one of us goes downstairs, it stops working. We are almost exactly 1 mile away, with virtually line of sight. My repeater has an antenna 5m higher, outside. In my grandsons direction, my office 2 miles away just makes it. It’s at sea level, in a slight dip. Point to point radio with handhelds failed miserably in Disneyland Paris with my family!

I wanna ask your a question.For users,what is the really simple and effective

Sorry I think the second half of your question vanished? What info do you need?

What is a good walkie talkie? There are too many models and brands on the market now

What Band are you looking to use? Armature, Murs, CB, GMRS we need more information in order to answer your question

Don’t forget that ‘best’ really means different things now - size could be important or battery life, or power, or gizmos, or features and benefits? There are lots of radios on the market but you need to find the ones that let you do what you need to do. You could say that Motorola, Icom and Kenwood are the best? They’re probably the most expensive, but if you want main dealer support with comprehensive warranties, they can be good investments. Equally if you want a nearly disposable radio, then the cheap Chinese ones could be considered disposable. What you won’t get is any radio that has everything and is cheapest.John_S asked a great question. What do you want the radios for? Where you are in the world is vital too - UK spec radios are no good for the US and vice versa.

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In warehouse,use with my workmates

This is a technical specification picture my Chinese supplier sent me.
should i care about this?
About the nearly disposable radio, :joy:wow I cant believe it
Does anyone really throw it away :no_mouth: