license or not?

Ok so I have just purchased the Midland GXT1000/1050 series GMRS/FRS radio

I live in Canada.

Do I need to license this to use the high power option?

If so where do I do this?


Ok so reading the thread below, I don’t need a license.

But If I use my unit on high power is that ok to do? Is high power 5 watts?

5 watts isnt legal in canada.

Honestly, in my opinion, those radios don’t have a 5 watt ERP output… Yeah I know the FCC docs say so… I’ve tested them, and with the size of the battery, at 5 watts, the battery would be dead in the first 60 seconds of transmission.

If they are approved by Industry Canada (I don’t know where to look) then he’s good to go.