Icom ic-f3162/f4162 programming issue

Can ICOM IC-F4162S radio`s be factory reset either externally or internally as hoping to remove the dPMR v2.20 software installed and revert them back to standard v5.20 software.

We are an authorized Icom dealer but we are based in the US and do not carry the F4162S or any other dPMR radios. As far as I know there is no other programming software available for the F3162/F4162 other than the programming software developed by Icom for that particular series. You may need to contact Icom in the UK.

What can’t there software do? The radio’s a pretty standard dPMR, with the usual facilities. Were you hoping to programme it to the more popular digital modes? Hope not, because you can’t!

Have been told that there is a software available NXDN which can revert the radio back to it`s original v5.20 software.

If the UT126 module is in, then you should have the digital operation? If you revert to the old firmware, not sure the digital board will function as it wasn’t available when the unit first came out - what doesn’t it do? I have quite a lot of Kenwood NXDN kit and I had no luck with making them talk to the lcom when it was first loaned to me - I never took it further when the radio went back, but my understanding is that early Icom and Kenwood compatibility was a bit flaky?

We cant get the dPMR radios to work with the IC-F4162S radios we are using which are loaded with Rev v5.3 firmware & v5.20 software. All radios have UT-126H installed. I was hoping to be able to re-programme the dPMRs with this firmware & software but they dont read it.

I’m very confused now - what is the other dPMR radio model you want the 4162’s to work with?

Very same model IC-F4162s with v5.20 software & UT-126H installed. They wont work with these new same model radio`s with dPMR software installed.

Got you! Now wanting to revert to the original software and firmware makes sense. Would it be worth swapping the board and seeing of the fault remains in the other radio, or moves with the board? Not a terrifically arduous task if you have a nut spinner? It could be worth asking Icom UK, who are pretty well known here for being a friendly and helpful bunch - they’d certainly be able to advise on the problem. Strange Icom US can’t help?

I have contacted Icom u.k. who confirmed there is firmware to revert the IC-F4162S dPMR radios back to their original programming status but said the firmware is only available to Icom Dealers. They suggested I send all 12 radios to them to be re-programmed and that there would be a charge per radio to have this done.

Im trying to find a source for Icom firmware for IC-F3160/F5060 radios with dPMR firmware installed which will convert them back to their original basic PMR status. In other words stopping them from being dPMR radios and reverting them back to plain old Digital sets with UT-126H modules installed. Been on to Icom uk but they wont sell me a copy of the required firmware. Said I would have to send all 12 radio`s to them to firmware update and there would be a fee for each radio.

That does seem very restrictive if them? I guess they want you to go through the dealer network. It doesn’t help you but I wonder if this was why my kenwood nxdn mix with Icom was fruitless?

With a bit of luck a kind hearted Icom Dealer out there may be willing to let me have a file of the firmware!

I`m hoping there is an Icom dealer out there who is willing to share the firmware:)

I hear you, but we are unable to comply for a couple of reasons. First, we don’t carry this model in the US, so we don’t support it. Second, although what you are asking is possible, it is a risky process. If it is unsuccessful, it can permanently brick your radio, and there is no fix from the dealer for that.

There is a reason why Icom requires you to send them in and charges you for it. If something does go wrong, they have you covered. This isn’t about making a quick buck off you, it’s about liability if it doesn’t work.

Is this radio model not known as the IC-F4161 in the states? Ive been on to Icom uk today who offered to re-flash the 12 radios for me at a cost of 38GBP per radio. I politely told them where to go. I paid 45GBP for each of the radios and as they cant be used in their current dPMR state I do believe it`s worth the risk of doing the necessary firmware conversion myself. Never bricked a radio in 25 years!

We don’t have the firmware for that model or the US equivalent of it. We do carry programming software for the F4160 series radios, but it isn’t free. Icom charges for their programming software, and it’s copyrighted, so we can’t just make copies of it to give out to everyone.

As for the firmware, as stated before, it’s a potential liability issue. Icom generally doesn’t give it out to end users.

We already have the IC-F3160/F5060 v2.20 dPMR Programming Software. Also various other versions. Looks like it`s time to call it a day. Thanks anyway.

Dear Rick
I purchased recently the icom ic f4161dt through ebay and i can not programe it. I am in Greece and allthough I bought the cloning software cs f3260 railroad cs f3100d and cs f3160 and the opc 966u the original cable still can not get the de?vice to respond. Any help

Kind regards

Hi Kissandros, unfortunately the F4161 series was discontinued here in the US, and we are not familiar with the rules in Greece for using the radios in your country. Radios purchased used on eBay are risky, as there is no telling where it really came from, what condition it is in, if and how it is locked down or if it is even user programmable. This is a business radio that can operate on a trunked radio system or in conventional mode. Without knowing the current operating status or how it is currently configured or programmed, you may indeed have a difficult time reprogramming it, if you can even access the radio at all.