I need to adapt a headset to motorola 1 pin


I’ve purchased on a whim two headsets from decathlon, that apparently only work with their branded walkie talkies - the problem is I already have motorola T60 radios at home - they use the 1pin connector and don’t work with the headsets I bought. I was wondering if there was any way to adapt my headsets to the 1 pin specification.

I’d like to keep the headsets as they fit in nicely into a skiing helmet and have a PTT button next to the mic stalk. Any ideas?


They are probably rebranded walkie talkies, sold as store brand. Even if you could find out the original manufacturer, the chances of finding an adapter are almost nil. There is zero market to convert cheap consumer headsets to different brands because the headsets are cheap and cost less than an adapter would anyway (because of volume of production) plus consumer headsets just don’t last too many years at the best of times.

Even in high-end business radios, it is rare to find adapters from one brand to another. (It is more common to find adapters to go from old-style to new-style connectors within the same brand.)

One alternative is to find a pin wiring diagram and get a radio shop to build a custom adapter for you. But considering this would cost more than the radios, I would suggest simply returning them and getting headsets with a Motorola single-pin FRS connector. There are thousands of them out there at a variety of price-points.

Seems like that’s the case. Thanks for the advice.