I need some help with a set of kraco kcb-4009 ht's

I picked up a matching set of Kraco emergency cb mayday II model kcb-4009 ht’s from a thrift store for $6.00. Both ht’s transmit just fine 4 watts on my swr/power meter and clean and clear modulation. The problem is in the receive on both ht’s. Yes they both have the same receive problem. They both act like there is no antenna attached. If I put my ear up to the speaker. I can hear a whisper of static. When I turn up the squelch the whisper of static goes away. All that I have been able to find is a bad copy of the schematic diagram. Look at this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ln3t6h2iwtqypx/kraco%20kcb-4009%20schematic%20diagram.pdf?dl=0 . I did a bit of poking around with my volt meter and found 8.6vdc on the receive supply line see the next link (a blow up picture) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0a0atfiyyy1jhx/kraco%20cb%20diagram%20blow%20up.jpg?dl=0 . I am feeding them off my bench power supply, an Alinco model EPS-20M set at 13.8vdc. All that I have in the way of test gear is a VOM, a portable battery powered audio amp to see if there is audio at the volume control (just a whisper) and an old battery powered transistor radio that I rigged up to feed audio in at the volume control. to see if the audio amp works. with the transistor radio on full. There is just a whisper in the speaker. I put the output of the transistor radio directly on the speaker, with the transistor radio up full it sounds like the transistor radio’s volume is barely cracked. Also I can’t figure out is why there is a 8.2 ohm resistor across the speaker terminals and a 4 ohm resistor inline on the high side speaker line. This puzzles me.