Help with new setup

Hi all, so I am kinda new at this cb stuff but me and a few neighbors thought it might be a good idea to get some CB’s in case the cell network ever goes down so we could at least communicate. Anyway I picked up a Midland cb with wideband from an older gentleman along with this amp, hopefully the pic worked. Also got a base mic. It looks pretty old but he said it worked great. Also got what was called a “ground plane antenna” and was just wanting to make sure I got the right cable. I bought new some rg8x cable from Amazon with the ends already on it and an Inline lighting arrestor. 100 feet of it. I planned on mounting it our 2 story house roof. Any advice is appreciated as I am a newbie here.
I am a 3 yr master electrician and also double majored with a degree in electronic engineering and telecommunications but with that said I know nothing about CB, freq accessories.
Also, just because I got it at a good deal, but dont know if it works I got a base station with the antenna I got. It does have curiously small toggle switches on the side of it? I can a few pics if it would help. Sorry for the long post.

In theory, that amplifier shouldn’t work with a CB. Also, if you are wanting to talk locally and amplifier shouldn’t be used (at 4 Watts of output CBs will desense for a tenth of a mile).

This was an elderly gentleman that had the set. Him and his wife used it up until the mid 80s. He had maybe a quarter million dollar house, and said he was a retired engineer, so dont think he would have lied to me. He even gave me his qsl card collection. Not sure what you mean by desense?

Desense: Desensitization of a receiver due to a signal overload from a nearby transmitter.

Essentially, if a transmitter is too strong a nearby radio’s circuitry will overload and not hear anything at all. Very similar to over-driving audio amplifiers to the point of the audio clipping.