Help Programming Mixed DTR650 and DTR700

I am a technician for a school district. The district recently purchased some DTR700 to add to our current fleet of DTR650. However, with the new model, we cannot program the radios to work the same as without the DTR700.

Currently the 650s are setup with private groups. So an administrator not in the custodial group can call all three custodians without being in that group.

However, with the 700s, I am finding out this isn’t possible. Plus, it also won’t call a radio if the radio that is calling doesn’t have the same channel pulled up in the scroll list. This is a huge problem for us as it can be a safety hazard to not be able to reach certain contacts.

This is our flow chart. Front Office should be able to call custodians without being in the group. Because if Float 2 calls custodians next, Front Office does not need to hear it.

For a very simplistic explanation, the DLR radios look for Profile ID numbers to determine radios within its groups; the DTR radios use Group ID numbers. DLR radios dropped private groups because there was really little need for it. (I have never used a single private group.)

In short, I would reprogram the DTRs so they use public groups only. No security issues because you will still have thousands of combinations of hopsets. (“Channels.”) Then you will need to adjust the programming of the DLRs so they look for Public Group ID numbers, instead of individual radio ID numbers. You do this by turning off profile ID number lock in the DLR programming.

Also, your DTR public groups can be channel 1 to channel 10, but your group ID numbers must be from 21 to 100.

Here is a guide to getting the older radios talking to the newer ones: