Help Needed

I have been searching for a suitable two way radio device for radio broadcasting that will also provide me with a wide ranger not less than 5 miles. One of the devices will be in the studio and the other will be with a presenter 5 or more miles away from the studio. He may not be on-sight and will likely be communicating from a building. So there are lots of obstacles in the communication path tall buildings…trees and stuffs like that.

which device is best for this situation…i was considering Midland GXT600VP4…is it suitable

please help.

You are not looking at the proper radio equipment for that application, nor are you inquiring on the proper board for those answers.

I do know of low cost commercially built equipment that is available to do that employing the standard FM broadcast band but that would be one way stereo broadcasting only and would be other then part 15 toys.

Although you will not be able to obtain a F.C.C. license granting you a designated frequency, you have rights to employ the currently assigned public commercial AM and or FM broadcast frequencies, provided that certain un-used bandwidth are still available within 100 miles from your intended broadcasting location and no borders are within same.

This is not the place for that type of equipment or information but I do have the experience and information in order to help you.

If you wish contact me at and place “LPFM” into the subject line. I will do my best to direct you by e-mail.