Got some questions

I want a radio for airsoft. I play it a lot and the motorola ones i have now suck. So i want good radio that will be good for any type of situation. CQB meaning close quarter battles, woods, and anywhere else. The thing is, I DONT GET THE FCC. I dont understand anything about it. I dont get why you have to register a type of radio to use it. So will some one clarify what the fcc is, what i have to do to register the radio i get. And some one point out a good radio. If i dont have to go through the fcc and its a good radio thats a PLUS. I dont feel like having to register it but if its worth it and i have to,i will.

Depending on the frequencies of the radio that you decide on, a FCC license may be required. If you are looking for license free communications, a radio that uses MURS frequencies would be ideal for you. The Motorola XV2100 is a VHF radio that, by default, operates on MURS freqs.

MURS frequencies are VHF, which are better than UHF if you will be using the radios outdoors exclusively. MURS frequencies do not require a license. The radios are usually more expensive, but if you are now using Motorola GMRS radios you will find the radio quality is generally and performance is better suited to your needs with MURS.

If you are on an airsoft team, you will also need to consider the frequencies that your teammates radios operate on. For example if everyone else has a GMRS radio and is not willing to purchase a new one, you will need to stay with a GMRS model as well.