FRS/GMRS radios for use in Philippines

I am looking for some radios to use while on vacation in the Philippines. I would be using them in the malls (2 -3 stories), in the hotel (20 - 30 floors) and car to car. Any suggestions on the best type of radio for this?

To get coverage in up to 30 floors you are likely going to need a 4 watt UHF business radio. Something like a Kenwood TK3202 or a Motorola AXU4100. Even the more powerful “bubble pack” style consumer radios get very spotty after 20 floors.

if your target is to cover a large area, thats naot to difficult. why no use two FRS radio outside the building and use to different channels, one on the lower band, the other on the higher band. with a couple of parts, you can make a COR to control both radios transmitt (PTT) its just like a repeater the only different is that one has to use the other channel if not able to contact the other station directly. that will answer dead spots.