Dmr info

I’m not sure if this is allowed, if not please delete

there is a new forum all about digital mobile radio

its open to everyone and free

I had a look, but as a guest there are only a few moderator published posts - but it seems to be for beginners and has very few members. I didn’t bother to register, too few posts to make it worthwhile - as most topics cannot be viewed as a guest. Not a good move to attract new members I think. None of the subject topics I can see look very exciting, and seem duplicates of much more established forums. I wish it well, but it needs content badly.

I felt pretty much the same as the previous poster. I did not want to have to register to see if the content was anything I was interested in. I understand registering to be able to post and I even understanding holding the first few posts of a new member until reviewed by a moderator, but I do not understand not being able to read what is there to see if it is something you are interested in participating in. Does not seem like a solid way of attracting new members.