CB Hand held Range

What would the average/approx. range of hand held CB radios (e.g. Cobra HH-Roadtrip) be (for hunting purposes), HH to HH and HH to base (in a vehicle e.g. your Cobra 29 WX)



I used to use them all the time when I was younger and found their range varied from a half mile to a mile and a half on their best day. Im sure if given the right terrain they would go 2 or 3 miles, but not under normal urban conditions.

I think your better off using FRS/GMRS two way radios. Their range is a bit better and theres much less interference. With a CB you will spend more of your time playing with the squelch knob trying to drown out the interference then anything. I personally think CB’s are best on road trips in cars and whatnot.

Stylishxone, thanks a lot for your comments and advice. I will then stick to my Moto 9500 GMRS sets which gives me a range of 1 - 2 miles in the veldt and up to 5 miles if one side has height (e.g. a small hill). The supplied battery packs easily last for a day.

i would NOT use CB’s for handheld purposes. You will get too much distortion and the range will be crappy at best. Your batteries will drain in probably a few hours…just not worth the trouble.

stick with the GMRS radios.

if you’re a paint-ball fanatic and you want to act like you’re in WWII and such, you can use your CB radio in a backpack and get a retractable whip antenna that towers out from your backpack. then, plug a speaker mic into it and have it run along side one of your backpack shoulder straps. you’re guaranteed about 2-3 miles with lots of static and it will be quite the reenactment :wink:

Also when the bands heat up probably later this summer the CB will get really congested.

one benefit alot of people forget with cb radios (and vhf) is since the frequency is lower, the range in idea situations will be greater, and is more likely to reach around objects.
the higher frequency bands such as gmrs, however, are better for busting through leaves, buildings, walls, etc. thats why alot of 900mhz and finally ghz phones came out and go through walls and floors like they were nothing. that was years ago, but that was the idea behind them. also, some cb radios will take 10aa batts for longer runtime, which is great if you happen to have 20 rechargeable batteries or a relative who works for energizer. i happen to have the former!
honestly though, gmrs fits so handy in your pocket and use to have less congestion than cb, although im not sure thats the case today.

If you are referring to skip, that is unlikely to happen. We are climbing out of the trough of the 11 year solar cycle.

Even so, CB is too congested for any kind of reliable comms from HH to HH any further than about 1/2 mile, although there will be times when it is less or more, sporadic skip notwithstanding.

my handled cb dident go farther then 1/2 block. get some frs radios i have gotten 8 miles or more on the freeway

When I was a kid, in the 70’s, I had a handheld and a base station at home. I was able to talk to my dad from all over town, to around a mile and a half. It was a good way for dad to keep track of me and tell me when it was time to go home.