Can an analog Motorola RMU2080D and XPR3500E or(7550e) communicate radio-to-radio?

I programmed the XPR3500E (and 7550e) with the frequencies of RMU2080D but I’m having no luck in terms of making them work together.

Someone told me that Motorola analog radios are compatible with and without a repeater and will work together if I program them with the same DPL/TPL codes but I’m not using those codes, squelch, frequency (both regular and talkaround) are the same, still no luck.

I even reset the RMU2080D and tried the 1st default channel, it has a “Code - 67” setting in its bands, which I assume is a DPL code but when I program the XPR with DPL, invert DPL or anything else, it’s still quiet.

Am I doing something wrong or is there no way to make these two radios communicate with each other on an analog channel without using a third party?