Brand new in box Mr350 broken or am I missing somthing..

Hello Forum -

I recently purchased a pair of Moto MR 350r’s for communication during paintballing. Unfortunately, I cannot get the darn things to work - that is to communicate with eachother. No matter what I do with channel and interference code selections, they wont pick up eachothers signals at all.

Today while trying to figure them out, I found that one will pick up and receive the local weather channel just fine but the other will only pick up static - the same radio that only picks up static on the weather channels only picks up static on all other radio channels set to interference code 0. Is it possible this is just bad radio and the other one is fine? Is there a way to reset the settings to factory default?

Thanks for your time and any help anyone can offer.



From time to time there is a bad radio. If you purchased them from us please call or email us: 1-800-584-1445.

I would try them both on channel one and turn off all privacy codes. If they still will not talk to each other, there is a chance one of the radios is not working.