Boost my walkie talkie range?


This may seem abnormal, or even completely ridiculous, but I was pondering one night about boosting my two way radio.

We have a motorolo set that is top of the line at best buy, and we live in a small town with little interference. The best these radios do are perhaps 1.5 km.

We have a really good Channel master TV antenna…

Please stop me now if you know where I am going with this…

Anyways, We dont need the walkie at home to be mobile, and We have 1 output left in the splitter from the antenna. I know the Antenna is a high gain uhf/vhf/fm radio antenna.

Is there any way to run a cable fromt he splitter and somehow modify it to one of the walkie talkies to boost its range?

I think they are not going to be compatible, but I thought I would ask anyway.

The antenna is on our roof and is about 15 feet long, on a rotor. It has a preamp, and a powered distributor.

Anyways, thank for listening!